Release Mastering

Mastering Without Compromise.

Mastering Without Compromise.

Release Mastering is a team of audio engineers dedicated to handcrafting your sound and helping you to develop a premium listening experience for your audience. We operate a hybrid mastering house which allows us to create analog mastering warmth with incredible digital precision. 

Our mastering engineers have over 20 years of experience in the music industry, and are confident that the final sound will speak for itself:


From major record labels, feature films,
tv commercials, and vast amounts of promising upcoming artists, we are incredibly proud to showcase the sonic talents of our clients and the mastering projects that we have collaborated on. 

You could be next!

Upload your mix

Send us your mixdown as a .WAV or .AIF file, ensuring between -3dB to -6dB of headroom is present. 
Learn more about headroom

Engineer Review

Once your mix has been received, our engineers will begin several stages of analysis and critical listening. If we are satisfied that your mix is in the best possible shape then we will approve the mix for mastering.
(If further mix adjustments or suggestions are found by the engineer we will contact you.)

Mastering with Release

Sit tight, once we have approved your mix and provided you with a delivery date there is nothing more you need to do. Delivery of each track will include a brief look at the processing used, one revision, and a mastered track optimized for your distribution needs. 

“They did something magic to my song that I never could have achieved myself.”


“Without saying a word, they know what the song needs. True professionals.”

Known Strangers

“Without saying a word, they know what the song needs. True professionals.”

Major Le Grand

Additional Services

Premium Mastering


  • Mastered track optimised to your chosen distribution needs.
  • One revision included.
  • A step-by-step document of the changes that have been made to your sound and the effect they have on the piece.

Mixing Advice & Feedback

Feel like something’s just not quite right with your mix?
Let our engineers lend an ear with comprehensive and fully customisable mixing advice.
We tailor each order to fit the needs of your song and invite you to ask any questions regarding the mix or mastering of your music. We will work to your skill level and use language that makes sense to you.